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Ascend with AWS

Simplify your technology stack, differentiate your business performance, and power your cloud transformation journey for a sustainable future.

Who we are

Rise and Shift brings a team of globally renowned AWS experts with deep technology know-how and broad business expertise to empower our clients to activate and actualize their business outcomes. Our innovative approach to cloud transformation and delivery ensures rapid, high-quality impact that outpaces our larger industry peers.

What we do

We bring superior engineering and a bias for action to meet you where you are in your cloud journey – whether you’re in the early stage of assessing your cloud strategy, or already in the cloud and leveraging AWS capabilities to differentiate and transform your business.

Too often, organizations stumble during their cloud journeys by making critical mistakes like clinging to outdated processes, under-exploiting available migration and automation tools, and neglecting the vital training needed to upskill and transform their teams.

Avoid these pitfalls by tapping into Rise and Shift’s AWS-certified professionals. Our holistic, product-oriented delivery (POD) approach is the foundation of Rise and Shift’s 4x value proposition for our customers. We are customer-obsessed and focused on clients’ long-term success – ensuring self-sufficiency in their digital capabilities and accelerating their ability to innovate.

The Rise and Shift way

We leverage deep technical knowledge and hands-on experimentation to drive simplification (rise) and differentiation (shift).

Microscope & Telescope

We leverage deep technical knowledge and a hands-on approach to drive simplification and differentiation, much like a microscope. We simultaneously continuously assess the broader strategic implications and innovation required to realize our customers’ unique strategic visions, similar to using a telescope.

Accelerated Solutions

Industry expertise is combined with a client-specific use case library to foster a deep understanding of business requirements. We rely on proven, industry-agnostic technology reference models as our foundation, starting from day one. Leveraging AWS platform accelerators, we rapidly test initial hypotheses and develop a minimum lovable product (MLP).

AWS is in our DNA

Harness the power of a dedicated team of AWS experts, driven by a passion for action, customer-centricity, and delivering tangible results over mere presentations. Foster a strategic AWS partnership that utilizes native services, instilling confidence in your chosen solution path.

High-Impact Delivery

We adopt a POD-based approach that seamlessly integrates people, processes, and technology, prioritizing the swift delivery of value. Our systematic delivery method aligns with incremental and consistent value gains, ensuring minimal disruption. With a strong inclination towards applying technology patterns and frameworks as a service, we harness automation and systematic replication to achieve scalability.

Are you ready to Rise and Shift?

Work with us to explore the possibilities to simplify, differentiate, and transform your business with AWS.